Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day At The Park

Is Riley swinging too high for the moon or is he going to flip backwards?

There's always time for a ride in the ocean...
Or a buck-a-roo ride...
Or a munch on a leaf...
Is the caterpillar going to get run over?
I bet Tucker likes the seahorse!
Is JoJo going so fast he'll make a ferris wheel?
A ride is never too fun when you can ride into a lake.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures young fisherman. If a man wearing a red hat and bright yellow shirt installs twenty windows in a set of apartments. An older lady lives in the first apartment. The second apartment is vacant, while the third and fourth apartments have two adults and one child in each. The little girl in the third apartment laughed when her grandmother tickled her.
What color were the windows?